Canadas only FULL Red-Light Therapy tanning salon

Red-Light Therapy in ALL our TANNING  beds.
Real Tan customers enjoy 6 advantages over other salons.

1 benefits of Red Light Therapy (google red light therapy)
2 Tan last 3X longer & 2X darker than monthly TANNING type salons !!
3 Results with 1st session
4  Dark Bronze Tan with only 1 session a week,healthier alternative to monthly tanning which usually requires 12 sessions a month (waste of your time)
5 Looks exactly like a beach tan (visibly different from non red light salons)
6 our exclusive, all natural collagen based tanning lotions

GIANT SUN ~ German Technology at its finest.

  • Features include bed contouring, digital time display, strong ventilation system, high and low facial lamps that are adjustable, plus a larger space for comfort
  • This bed was manufactured in Germany and includes 52 reflector lamps, and 4 high pressure facial tanners
  • The extra space provided in this bed ensures that you receive the most even tan a lie down sun bed can offer


 German/Italian UVB FREE, NON-Burn Machines available.




Toronto’s only Red Light Tanning salon. 3X the Tan in 1/2 the time & the benefits of collagen Red Light Therapy. With 20 yrs experience and the most frequent bulb changes in the industry our average customer needs under 10 min per week (in any bed even our base beds!) to achieve a very dark natural bronze tan .

When tanning under old bulbs (even though you are told they are new ) you will unfortunately need much more than 10 min per week, this wastes your time & money. So beware of salons where the amount of min per week needed are high.

NOTE : Health wise, obviously doing less min a week opposed to more min per week would be the safer option.