• Naturally promotes collagen production

  • Smooths and reduces wrinkles and fine lines with a UV-free lighting technology

  • Firms aged and tired skin

  • Keeps skin renewed and fresh

  • Activates blood flow for increased circulation

  • Beneficial anti-inflammatory properties of red light enhances the wound repair process

  • Increases oxygenation and restoration by promoting the skin’s natural cellular activity


Research studies have shown that visible red light penetrates the epidermal layer of the skin and begins to heat the dermis. With the rise in temperature, new collagen and elastin is naturally produced by our body, which also helps to reduce acne. The wound repair process is enhanced and our blood circulation activated.The red light effect firms the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

10x Collagen Red Light Therapy

  • Higher Wattage

  • Most clinics use LED units that are less than 300 Watts; Real Tan uses units that are over 15’000 watts.

  • Best red light therapy is 633 mm as confirmed by clinical studies; our lamps are officially stamped 633 only offering our clients the best quality and quickest results!

  • Unlike other salons which offer specific locations treated; Realtan offers Head to Toe treatment (Option to lay down or stand-up)


  • You can apply this spray before or after your 10x Red light therapy treatment (better to apply before treatment)

  • Increases the effectiveness of the red light therapy by 300%

  • May also aid to fix and get rid of any skin imperfections;( e.g cellulite, sun spots, age spots, virtually all skin conditions)

  • Dries instantly take 1-2 mins to apply then jump straight into red light therapy treatment

  • Packages are available now for customers to purchase