Best Spray Tan in Canada

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Once again Vince is the official spray technician of the Argo Cheerleaders.  From 2011 – 2016 Vince has been chosen year after year. Thank you Argo Cheerleaders for having the confidence in our products and services.

We have many spray technicians, but we also have the number 1 spray technician in all of Canada (VINCE) Out of all the spray technicians in all of the salons in the country he is the only one to ever to be picked number one for 6 years in a row. No other spray technician besides him has ever done that – he is the only one!

No technician anywhere at any salon can match his quality or spray tan and there is no extra cost if you want him to do your spray tan. When you come in we have several published magazines featuring Vince’s Spray Tan. We do have female technicians – they’re excellent as well, but keep in mind that there is a difference when he does it.

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